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My Dad Doesn't Know Jack

My Dad Doesnt Know Jack

Practical advice about relationships, career success, family, and more.

Practical advice for the young adult who has their whole life in front of them--Written by a loving Father who wishes he could have known when he was young what he knows now. If only we could go back in time… This book isn’t always warm and fuzzy--we live in the real world. No-nonsense advice for career success, saving money, the college experience, relationships and family, romance, and everything else that matters. Your life is like a book being constructed, and you are the author. As you live your life, you write the chapters and meaning of the book. Being young is the best thing to be. Better than money, fame, or power. But none of us stay young forever. Make the right decisions now. We don’t have any rewind buttons in this crazy thing we call life. The perfect gift / reading material for the young adult, male and female.